How can I help my child learn to read?

First of all donít panic or push your child too hard if they are struggling to learn how to read. It is important that children learn how to read before getting too far into their school life because research suggests that when children learn to read at a younger age they become better learners through their school years.

Becoming a reader involves the development of important skills, including learning to:

use language in conversation

listen and respond to stories read aloud

recognise and name the letters of the alphabet

listen to the sounds of spoken language

Connect sounds to letters to figure out the "code" of reading

Read often so that recognizing words becomes easy and automatic

Learn and use new words

Understand what is read

Some kids just arenít into books so to get them interested you need to discover what they enjoy doing and get appropriate books i.e. if your child loves Pirates, get books about Pirates to read to them. You can also help your child learn to read by helping them use language in conversation, or pointing out number plates or street signs (i.e. Stop, Give Way) and asking them to identify letters in the sign and explaining what the sign means. Learning to read takes practice, more practice than children get during the school day. Try getting them some toys that help with upper and lower case letter recognition or phonics and of course read plenty of books!

We recommend:

I Spy Little Letters (Board Book)
Alphabet Bingo
Neurosmith MagnaPhonics
Jungle Phonics
School Zone: Flashcards - Alphabet

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