Should I play with my child?

You can learn a lot about your child (and yourself) during play. Playtime gives your child the message "You are worth my time. You are a valuable person." It is well known fact that children learn through play. It improves a child's behavior by giving them feelings of importance and accomplishment. Why not instead of viewing playtime as a chore, use it to make an investment in your child?

Let your child initiate the play. A valuable learning principle that parents should keep in mind is this: an activity initiated by the child holds the child's attention longer than one suggested by the adult playmate. More learning takes place when the child chooses what to do. Child-initiated play also increases self-worth: "Dad likes to do the things I do!" of course, you may be thinking, "oh no, not the block game again!" or "We've read that story twenty times!" That's one of the ordeals of parenting. You'll get bored with The Cat in the Hat long before your child. If you want to bring something new to the same old play activity, add your own new twists as the play continues. Stop to talk about the book: "What would you do if the Cat in the Hat came to our door?" or change the building game by saying "Let's turn this block tower into a parking garage."

Make your child feel special. During play, focus your attention on the child. If your body is with your child but your mind is at work, your child will sense that you have tuned out, and neither one of you benefits from the time together. Your child loses the value of your being with her, concluding that she is not important. You lose the opportunity to learn about and enjoy your child - and to relearn how to play.

Parents need play. As a busy person you might find it hard enjoying an unstructured and seemingly unproductive play session! But try it! Play can actually be therapeutic for you too! Play will help you get to know your child’s temperament and his capabilities at each stage of development. Not only will you get to know your child better during play – they will also get to know you better and the whole relationship benefits greatly. Playtime puts us on our child's level, helping parents get behind the eyes and into the mind of their child. Take time to enjoy the simple pleasures of play.

Play is an investment. Consider playtime one of your best investments. You may feel that you are "wasting time" stacking blocks when you could be "doing something" instead. Some adults panic at the thought and really have to struggle to be able to let go of their grown-up agenda. Of course, you don't have to play all day long, nor will your child want you to (unless he senses your resistance!). What may seem like a meaningless activity to you, means a lot to your child. The more interest you show in doing things with your child early on, the more interest they will have in doing things with you when they’re older. As your child grows, you can involve him in your play and your work, since being with you is the best reward. Think of it this way - you are doing the most important job in the world - raising a human being.

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